What are some of the best features and benefits of Hotmail?

It is indeed hard to choose the best email service provider for yourself considering that many emerging companies are competing to provide the best features in order to attract maximum users. However, Hotmail has inevitably made a landmark in providing the best set of features and benefits for its users to ease up their life online. Firstly, Hotmail is not just a relatively easy to afford and simple to use email provider than other applications that exist to date but the interface it uses for its emails is extremely user-friendly.

Hotmail doesn’t require you to go through the trouble of installing any special email configuration softwares; in fact, all you need is a simple web browser to access your Hotmail account. Furthermore, the best feature that Hotmail provides is of “Smart Screen” which is essentially Hotmail’s inbuilt spam filter and even allows you to get rid of annoying emails via easy unsubscription. It also comes with a package of best in-built anti-virus and anti-phishing softwares to provide maximum security to its users.

The security feature is further enhanced by the Hotmail’s two-step verification option, which allows you to protect your account firstly via your password and then by entering a security code that is only sent to your registered mobile number. Although there are uncountable useful features and benefits that Hotmail has to offer, however, listed below are some of the highlights:

  1. The Hotmail messenger is now directly incorporated in your email account means no need to go through the trouble of downloading it separately
  2. It provides one of the biggest online storage spaces with the incorporation of SkyDrive
  3. Hotmail can also now be accessed in almost 30 different languages
  4. You can create personal folders and categorize your emails according to your ease
  5. Hotmail also now supports Microsoft Office; you can easily open the attached documents online using SkyDrive and then edit them
  6. Hotmail now has also enabled the option of linking your Hotmail account with all of your social media accounts in order for you to link your contacts and their details between two accounts
  7. SkyDrive also enables you to store your documents and videos up to 10Kb and then access or share them from anywhere
  8. You can also enjoy using various web applications via Hotmail instead of separately downloading them
  9. Lastly, you can sync your Skype with your Hotmail account for better online video calling

Hotmail or Outlook Email Services?

Are you also one of those people who are confused between Hotmail and Outlook? Then no need to worry because your Hotmail hasn’t vanished anywhere, it has just been upgraded to Outlook Email Services.

In around 2005, Microsoft introduced a new set of advanced products and services to amplify the user experience and launched their new suite with the name of “Windows Liver Services”, and in connection to this new suite, Microsoft decided to abandon Hotmail and name the email service as Windows Live Mail, however, upon protest by various users who preferred the name “Hotmail”, Microsoft changed the mailing service to “Windows Live Hotmail”.

What created confusion about the users was that around the same time, Microsoft also introduced an updated user interface with advanced features by the name of “Outlook.com” due to which the old users can continue using their email addresses ending in “@hotmail.com” while the new users had to use the domain “@outlook.com”, although both email addresses access the same mailing service.

Previously, Hotmail used the same name for their mailing service as well as their official website so users had a clear idea as to what Hotmail is. But now brand confusion has been created by Microsoft. In 2011, around a year before Microsoft abandoned the name of “Windows Live, ” they launched Office 365. Initially, Office 365 was intended for business and corporate use but later on this was extended for personal use as well and consequently, Microsoft decided to introduced an integrated set of web apps with the name “Outlook on the Web” with the following services:

  • Outlook Mail,
  • Outlook Calendar,
  • Outlook People,
  • Outlook Tasks.

Among these Outlook services, the most important one was of the Outlook Mail which is essentially a modernized version of Hotmail email service.